30A  SONGWRITER'S  FESTIVAL  ~  http://www.30asongwritersfestival.com/Smoke on the Mountain BBQ Cook off, Galax, VirginiaGALAX FIDDLER'S CONVENTION 2013  http://www.oldfiddlersconvention.com/ROCKBRIDGE  http://www.rockbridgefestival.org/Alleghany Fiddler's Convention, Sparta, NChttp://www.dcfair.com/    DIXIE CLASSIC FAIR  201330 A  SONGWRITER'S FESTIVAL  ~  2014GALAX  LEAF  AND  STRINGYADKIN VALLEY WINE FESTIVAL  ~ 20142014 picnic at the Correll's, Elk Creek, VirginiaMT AIRY FIDDLERS CONVENTION   http://www.mtairyfiddlersconvention.com/  JUNE 2014Wright's Picnic ~ 2014LAKE EDEN ARTS FESTIVAL, OCTOBER 2014LARGEST MANDOLIN ENSEMBLE IN GALAX, VAhttp://www.autumnleavesfestival.com/24TH ANNUAL GRAND PICNIC JERRY AND DONNA CORRELL   25-Jun-16HOUSTONFEST  JUNE 10 2016http://www.radford.edu/content/festival/home.html  SCOTTIE FESTIVAL IN RADFORD, VALAUREL BLOOMERY MUSIC FESTIVALESTROJAM ~ ROCKBRIDGE MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2015AUTUMN LEAVES FESTIVAL ~ 11-Oct-15DIXIE CLASSIC FAIR  8-Oct-15FRIES FIDDLERS CONVENTION, 2015WatercolorBLUE RIDGE MUSIC CENTER  25TH-Jun-1681ST GALAX FIDDLERS CONVENTION 2016Albert Hash Memorial  Festival  ~ 201630A Songwriter's Festival  ~ 2017